The president is on TV right now, issuing a live public apology. I'm not really paying attention but I'm sure it's about the wiretapped conversations between her and Garci.

I think I need to apologize too.

I am sorry...

I am really sorry...

I am very sorry...

Please forgive me...

for uploading...

an mp3...

...just now. I am sorry that it took me three days to post another MP3. Well the fun should never stop. Here's another one of the good music I am so willing to share to everyone. This one's a song from a guy named Boris Titulaer and the song's called "She Would." This song was Boris and his composer's entry to a song festival in Europe a year before Boris won the Netherlands version of the widely popular Idol show. Enjoy.

Boris Titulaer - She Would

Left click, scroll all the way down, choose "free download" and wait till the mp3 link appears. Then you can right click.


Is it true that the guy vocalist from Freestyle already left the band? I remember watching them on TV one Sunday. Jinky was still there but there were two other new guys singing with her. The real guy vocalist (Top) was nowhere in sight. The last time I saw Top was during Ashanti's concert at the Araneta. He was with someone who seems to be his wife so I guess he decided to be just a full time family man that's why he left the showband. So Freestyle lost one and got two others to replace him. But a band with three vocalists is just...weird.


Is it true that the Ayala group is building a new mall just in front of SM North, right beside the MRT train depot.


35 ABS-CBN reporters...are gone.


I read the eighth book of Series of Unfortunate Events last Saturday and I suddenly had a strong wanting for Alphabet Soup. I went straight to the grocery but I didn't find any. Can anyone tell me wehere to buy a can or a pack of alphabet soup? Thank you. That's all.


Leah said...

alphabet soup things are gone. what's the world coming to?

luto ka na lang ng sinigang. sarap.

Anonymous said...

Papanong nawala yung reporters ng ABS? Kilala mo ba kung sino-sino mga yun?

Sana yung asshole kong ka-officemate napasama na rin.

Elvin said...

lei: ayaw. i want alphabet soup! yung royco.

swim_bud: forced retirement yata. part of cost cutting measures.