Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream

Ladies and gentlemen, my latest dream phone:

So it's you I've been waiting for so long,
So it's you, where were you all along?
Very special moments, these will always be with me,
We are here, you and I, we belong.
Ok now. Because it's Friday, let's do our weekly countdown. Here are the TOP 10 indications that Valentine's Day is coming. (I had an argument with myself earlier regarding the correct spelling of Valentines. Should it be with an apostrophe S or not?)
10. Friendster has turned red!
9. My friend ordered chocolates. Thru the Internet. (You know who you are. :-))
8. Inquirer Libre published articles on "Gayuma"
7. Giant hearts are invading SM. Beware.
6. Early morning newscasts are reporting prices of roses.
5. Close-up relaunches Lovapalooza.
4. Another friend is headed for Dangwa (sp.?)
3. Dunkin Donuts is selling special pink munchkins.
2. UP Fair is coming. My sister's prom is tonight.
1. I still don't care. ("Don't get bitter, get better!" -from an ad for a food supplement for diabetics)
Happy weekend!


Mathew Hanger said...

Bwisit ka elvin! Lol!

Anonymous said...

"1. I still don't care." - does this statement automatically mean you're bitter? because, i, myself don't care too! bitter pa ba ako? *searches for her soul and reflects*


Elvin said...

mathew: hehe. musta na kayo?
~tin~: yeah. time to reflect. haha.