What is the Generic Name of Band-Aid (The Prequel)

Guys, relax. I'm not dying of rabies. In fact, I'll never die of rabies. You see, this puppy I had when I was about five bit my hand while I was giving him food (ungrateful dog) and I was rushed to San Lazaro all the way from Isabela (the province up north, not the town down south). So the doctor declared that I should be stabbed with syringes for about 25 waking days. So now, I have this imagined immunity from rabies that I'll stay alive even if the most rabid of dogs lick me in every body part imaginable.

So no dog (or person) bit me. As of press time. But anyone who would want to bite me can do so.

This is what happened to me. The story behind the Band-Aids. I was too lazy to buy lunch from a turo-turo that is five cartwheels away from our house. So I decided to just open one dog-food for human (aka canned food). So while I was carefully (by my standards) laying the slices of Ma-Ling on the hell hot frying pan, droplets of hot hot oil flew and attempted to fry my fingers.

So for a week I had these really annoying blisters, the size of a biogesic tablet. It had water...or whatever that liquid is inside. I covered them with band-aids the whole time because they're just too gross for me to look at but I must tell you I had a good time touching them

The popping of the blisters deserves a new episode but I guess you'll be too uninterested. So let's just say that they bursted one day and I squeezed all the fluids out and I peeled them off that they now look like freshly cut ham.



Jillsabs said...

ugh! too much details!

Elvin said...

KUlang pa nga yan e.