Friendster, Friendster

Looks like everybody's denouncing his country for a little piece of Port Moody, British Columbia. Yeah. If you check your Friendster account as often as you check your umblical cord when you were still inside your mother, you'd notice that the bulletin board is burning with posts announcing the availability of Friendster Chat. Apparently, the Friendster gods didn't make this service usable in our side of the planet right away. So one perfect solution, according to the posts, is to shamelessly save your settings with Canada in the country field and some letter-number combination in the zip.

I tried it. It's not a hoax. It really works. Problem is, out of the hundred plus people in my friends list, only two are online. One is sitting right next behind me and the other is about two computers away.

At one point during the Friendster Chat, I got sad. I realized that my New Friendster-friend acquisition rate sank to its all-time low. Like 1 new friend request a month. So if you want to make me happy, hmm...ok. This is not a desperate plea. It's more of a...hmmm, amity call for the upcoming International Internet Friendship and Bonds Month this March. Yes. There is an I.I.F.A.BO.M. Anyways, the Yahoo ID is elvinelvinelvin. My ears are turning red and my self-respect just crashed into Marianas Trench.

Kidding. When I say I want new Friendster Friends, I really mean that. Add me. Now. I'm serious.


Jillsabs said...

hmmm...i think friendster is on the way down.

i'd add you except that i don't have a friendster account. i erased it many moons ago when toying with blogger became more fun than looking at who's friends with who.

do you want to be added to my sister's account? or would that be even beneath lower than low? :p

Leah said...

leche port moody na yan!! as in everyone's from port moody. what's up with that?? what the hell's in port moody?? bakit nga ba biglang naging uso yang port moody na yan? i thought it was just some barkada thing but apparently EVERYONE's from port moody.

somebody please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

i'll join the club. friendster has no more red warnings for me, too. sad. =( i have checked everyone's account and nothing's new anymore. boring. erase na natin accounts natin hehe