Weekend Chopsuey

Are you ready kids?

1. There seems to be an onslaught of instructional videos by our local celebrities happening in video stores everywhere. Paolo Bediones has his Badminton video. Cindy Kurleto has the "Sensual Aerobics" video, which, according to Valerie, is not sensual at all. Fanny Serrano released his make-up and hairstyling lessons on video and Regine Tolentino, together with Andrea del Rosario, released a belly dancing instructional CD. Right now as I speak (or type), an Arnis video is in the works.

2. Speaking of videos, my "The Simpson's" fixation is coming back. I bought 9 DVDs of the series and I watch an episode before I sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning. Bart is on my phone screen and my ringtone is the official TV theme. I'm starting to think that my skin should be yellow. Or...maybe not. Too unsightly. But I love yellow cartoon characters.

3. Speaking of cartoon characters, who is the cartoon character from Rembo, Makati? Answer: Rembo Bright.

4. Speaking of Makati, I got this very interesting forwarded e-mail. Another one of those Gretchen Barretto urban legends. I'm re-posting it here regardless of it's truth (or falseness, if there is such a word, hehe). Thanks to A**A**N for writing it in a "tsismosa" tone.

Eto Magandang istorya, totoong nangyari sa RCBC Tower sa Makati...Gretchen
Barretto regularly visits SPA dyansa RCBC Tower. Dahil nga demonyita, este
donya kung umasta, ayaw nyangmay kasabay sa elevator pag papunta na syang
SPA. Take note, laging 4 ang bodyguards nya pag pupunta sya dun at talagang
walang nakakasabay sa elevator. Eto maganda, eto lang December sometime last
week, nung pumunta sya sa SPA dyan sa RCBC Tower. Pag sakay nya sa elevator
kasabay ng 4 nyang bodyguards, may sumabay na matandang babae na medyo donya rin pero simple lang! Ang dialogue ng demonyitang si Gretchen, "guard, kindly tell this old lady to step out of the elevator".

Nang marinig ng matandang babae yun, tumaas ang kilay nito at sinabing "guard, tell this social climber to step out of my building", ehek yung babaeng matanda pala, e panganay na anak na babae ni Ambassador Yuchengco (may-ari ng building)!!!

Kaya BANNED ang beauty ni Gretchen sa buong RCBC Tower 1 & 2. Yan
ngayon ang umiikot na chika sa socialite world. Di pa alam ni Boy Abunda yan!
Yun lang!!!

5. Busy days are here again.

6. Cheap thrill: Who's more popular (in terms of world wide web presence), you or your nemesis. If you want to find out, try entering both your names here.



bullish1974 said...

tsk tsk tsk. you forgot to add jackie lou blanco's fitness video. you are mean, elvin.

happy weekend :D

Elvin said...

oh my god. i forgot the pioneer!

happy weekend. :-)

Jillsabs said...

eh ano yung part one ng Mulan?

eh di MAMBON! wahahhahhaha!

wahahahaha din kay gretchen! buti nga sa kanya kung totoo yung chismis.

parang analogous diyan, a woman was patiently waiting for another car to leave its parking slot when suddenly another car rudely slid into the empty space disregarding obviously waiting woman (hazard lights were turned on). the guy got out of his car and glibly told the woman "it pays to be fast" and began to walk away. the woman then rammed her car into the car's back, got out and handed her calling card to the man while saying "it pays to be rich".

Elvin said...

jill: onga e. buti nga. and gretchen's misfortunes seem to make people everywhere happier. haha.

Anonymous said...

nherz: this the third time i heard this story about gretchen. pa-sosyal, buti nga sa kanya. ahaha ung first isang blind item.

Anonymous said...

"who is the cartoon character from Rembo, Makati? Answer: Rembo Bright." - nangiti ako dito a. shets, babaw ko.


Anonymous said...

Buti pa si gretchen pa-ispa-spa na lang... lucky bitch.. Kelan din kaya ako makakabingwit ng cojuangco


Ms. etc said...

Re: Gretchen. What a coincidence. Yesterday, when I was taking my break, a colleague told me about that incident, dunno if it's true. Funny eh?

Ms. etc said...

Btw, yung LOvers In Paris, Korean.

Anonymous said...

Where's your TAGboard Vin? ~swim_bud

Jillsabs said...

mike and ryza made it! yahoooo!

Leah said...

rembo bright!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! rembo bright!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHH.... (babaw ko mehnn...)

Anonymous said...

Totoo yung RCBC incident. My sis works in that bldg, sila nagma-manage ng RCBC. Banned talaga si Your Highness Gretchen=)
- Marge

Elvin said...

nherz: well now, it's not a blind item anymore. :-)
~tin~: no you're not. my jokes are intelligent ones. haha.
W: In time. Hehe.
J: It's true. See MArge's comment. :-)
~swim_bud: it's gone. :-( apparently, my tagboard provider exceeded bandwidth usage or something. ewan.
jill: oonga e. una pa sila tinawag. when they were called, i didnt care about the rest anymore. haha.
lei: ahahahahah.
marge: thanks for the confirmation. dami pa akong blind items. haha.
sarah: Hindi po e. I'm from UP. But I wish La Salle would give me an award too. Haha.