Tips Ahoy!

1. If you are an avid internet music thief (like me) but can't afford an iPod (again, like me), check out the latest issue of FHM (the one with Chinggay on the cover) for a list of alternative MP3 players (with pictures, features, specs and prices). Featured gadgets come in different sizes and prices range from P2,999 to 17,000.

2. While watching Breakfast this morning (with Chinggay as one of its hosts), one fitness instructor said that there is another way for guys to have nice abs other than the traditional crunches - belly dancing.

3. Film students (and local music video makers too), listen up! Looking for ideas? You might wanna "copy" some visually stunning visuals here. Hehe.

4. Ok. I learned this trick from a guy on the MRT. Say "iskissssssss" or "scoooooossssssss" when you're about to get off and people will give way.

5. This is not really a tip. What do Cris Judd, Andrew Cunanan and Corazon Aquino have in common? Find out here.


Anonymous said...

belly dancing... hmmmm... i wonder if they have it in fitness centers... my abs are already aching from too much crunches


Elvin said...

W: belly dancing daw could cause more. :-D