Things People do when they're Bored

My blog template is beginning to bore me so I attempted to do some major alterations. But I can't think of anything and I almost downloaded a ready to paste blog skin but I don't wanna sell out just yet. Hehe. So in the meantime, let's just bore ourselves with my old template and I promise that I'll be changing it very soon. I'm just not my usual nerdy self.

I watched Starstruck again tonight and I was extremely disappointed that for two weeks in a row, no one was eliminated. At the beginning of the show, Jolina and Dingdong (who, in my humble opinion, is beginning to look like me, haha) kept reminding everybody that there is one major twist that will "forever change" the course of the competition.

I made some very wild guesses:

1. All the eliminated contestants will return and the show will start all over again.
2. All of them will be eliminated.
3. Dingdong will eliminate Jolina.
4. Jennylyn will return (a la For Love or Money 2)
5. The show doesn't exist and everything is a setup.

Well, here's the real twist. Next week, two of the remaining six "Survivors" will be replaced by two people from the "Avengers," - a collective name they gave the show's pool of losers.

Speaking of talent searches, Brenan, the kid from Sineskwela who sang the ABS-CBN's Bayani theme song and who was member of the defunct Smokey Mountain-like group "Kaya" is joining Pinoy Pop Superstar. Last year, his Kaya groupmate Shemara joined Star in a Million but was eliminated in the semi-finals.

This post is so informative and educational. Look at what boredom can do.


Anonymous said...

I have dreamed of being a star... be the brightest and the best... and there is nothing, simply nothing that can stop me from fulfilling my dreams....I'm a star in a million....

I only get to watch kapamilya shows. love u lucky!


Jillsabs said...

i vote for mike tan!

i also think that the two avengers who'll make it back are cj and ailyn.

ang saya2x!

Anonymous said...

i agree, nakakadisappoint that no one was eliminated. At si Jolina ha, masyadong maganda ang suot! ;)-kat

Elvin said...

W: Di na uso ang abs-cbn. ;-)
jill: i like ailyn too! she's the girl on christian bautista's "color everywhere" video.
kat: ongapala! i forgot to mention that! harharhar.