Short-Term Memory Loss

This happened last night at about 10:30 p.m.

I just got home from work. Closed the main door, locked it. Took my shirt off and threw it into the hamper. Went straight to the bathroom to take a leak. Went to the bedroom to change into my "bed clothes." Went back to the bathroom and then...

Me: (Gasps) What's this? (Goes out of the bathroom to talk to my brother)
Me: Who went inside the bathroom with his shoes on? (In Tagalog, syempre).
Brother: (Stands up, goes to the bathroom and inspects the sole marks) Not me.
Me: (Thinks) I didn't do it. My brother didn't do it. Should I call the Nginiiig Spirit Questors now?
Brother: (Picks up my leather shoes and compares the sole patterns with the sole marks on the bathroom floor)
Brother: You are the one who went inside the bathroom with your shoes on.
Me: Ok. (Sleeps)


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha :)-kat

Elvin said...

hehe, hi kat.,