Typhoon Typin'

You know what I really want to happen tomorrow?

I want the PAGASA officials to appear on national TV early tomorrow and say, "Good Morning Philippines! We would like to announce that our typhoon drill is a success. Typhoon Yoyong really isn't coming anymore. Winnie is our last typhoon for this year. Thank you!"

Serious Elvin says: My hometown is now being directly hit by Yoyong (signal number 4!). I'm praying for everybody's safety.
Optimistic Elvin Says: Back in our province, we get "Super Typhoon" announcements almost every other month. Most of these typhoons are overrated. We prepare, and after the storm, we all say, "That's it?"
Rain-Lover Elvin Says: What good did I do to deserve this much rain!

Why can't Yoyong just go to the Saharas.

P.S. Ambaduy ng title ko.


Anonymous said...

You're right. Your title is a bit of a stretch.
Why can't Yoyong go to the Sahara? Coz Sahara is a desert, and deserts usually have desert storms, not the kind that we have. And in this day and age, we can't expect any miracle like storm or snow on the sahara. Besides, the one who have the greatest need for something never gets it. In this case, a parched and dry desert in need of rain won't get a rainstorm in a magnitude like ours. That's wishful thinking. Nothing wrong with that except that it's delusional.

Elvin said...

Sahara is a desert? God, I didn't know that.