Jack Jack and I

Meet Jack Jack, my newest "officemate." He goes to the office with me everyday. Actually, he never goes home. He stays on my desk all the time. He tells me he enjoys staying on my desk.

Jack Jack's favorite past time is vibrating. Everytime I turn his key clockwise, he vibrates. He likes it. I can even hear him giggling.

We suspect Jack Jack's yaya is a Filipino. If his yaya were Indonesian or Indian, his name would just be Jack. We even suspect that Jack Jack's yaya is the one who gave his Mom, Elastigirl, her powers. Stolen from Lastikman of course.

Jack Jack has a Friendster account by the way. His e-mail address isjackjackparr@yahoo.com. His profile is not accurate though. Only 18+ year olds are allowed there. We kinda faked his birthdate.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! jackjack isn't spared from friendster! he's soooo cute! so all he does is vibrate and sit on your desk all day huh?


bullish1974 said...

hmmm, that would be a nice token :D

Elvin said...

~tin~: i don't know. maybe he turns into his superhero self at night.
bullish: you want a happy meal?

/iambrew said...

Hey, tell Jack jack he's so cute. Hahaha... And he vibrates?

Leah said...

i want a jack-jack.

Anonymous said...

Meron ka palang trainspotting na book? adiktus ka rin?