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Ho-Hum How Exciting

In case you didn't notice, the 2005 MTV Asia Awards voting period has already started. And in case you didn't know what MTV Asia Awards (or MAA) is all about, it is the most unbelievable music awards show in the universe. It is (in)famous for its weird nomination trends and even weirder winners roll. MAA is also notorious for its cheesy script, horrendous spiels, strange red carpet show and noisy/annoying audience.

On its first year, it made Regine Velasquez sing back-up to Mandy Moore while singing a Mandy Moore song. A year after, the organizers made Kyla sing "One Love" on a dead mic, with "One Love" singers Blue, a Malaysian (?) singer and about 1 million Singaporean kids. On its third year, no Filipino performer sang a single note on the MAA stage. For three straight years, performers from all over Asia caterwaul their own non-english songs while Filipinos are invited only to be English-speaking awards presentors.

MAA has a noble mission of uniting the diverse Asian region through music. And I don't know why they never learn despite the lessons they learn by failing miserably year after year.

Discrimination isn't always a black-white thing. It also happens amomg the in-betweens.

This year, all five nominees in the Favorite Music Artist-Philippines category are bands. They are Bamboo, Parokya ni Edgar (last year's winner, who killed Regine's hopes for a three-peat), Radioactive Sago Project, Rivermaya and Dice and K9. Maybe, just maybe, for their Japanese lyrics, MAA would allow Dice and K-9 to perform (Yes, I'm being sarcastic). After all, MAA is forever leaning toward the interests of the East Asians.