Going Down South

You can throw me anywhere in Northern Metro Manila and I'll surely find my way home in about five somersaults. But never leave me anywhere in the southern National Capital Region. I'll be lost.

Thank God I didn't need to commute all the way to Las Pinas today to witness M's baptism. I got there through the MB van the E hired.

I was feeling queasy all throughout the ceremony. My tummy is feeling really awkward. Seems like it wanted to unload but I'm not entirely sure. Must be the the live microorganisms in the yogurt I ate. But since I'm at the church, i couldn't do anything but pray. Heaven help me!

Fortunately, I got over that uneasy feeling just when dinner started. I'm back to my usual self. I was trying my best to hide from the cameras but I had to do THAT ONE PHOTO-OP with N.

On the way home I remembered my yogurt and thought that the name Bogart is one of the best names ever made. I told C, M and P to start calling me Bogart but they do not want to for the sole reason that I do not look like a Bogart. So I guess I'm just destined to look like an Elvin for eternity which is not really a bad thing.

This post reads so much like an entry from
this blog.

Question of the month
Why is my GeoCities site listed under the Celebrities category?

Hmmm. It's a start.


Anonymous said...

i've been mistaken for a ROBERT in college. they still call me that, and i'm kinda starting to like it. hhehe.


Jillsabs said...

baliktad tayo, throw me anywhere up north and i start getting hives but beyond the bicutan border, it's home sweet home! :)

Leah said...

ooh. samu is a celebrity. :)

Elvin said...

mud> ever mistaken me for a BOGART? hehe. jill> What bicutan? :-D. Lei> almost famous. :-)