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Why Lotlot Lost all her Friends

I don't wanna see Lotlot again. Everytime I see her, even when she's just being interviewed on TV, I get scared.

I just saw her on Feng Shui, one of the scariest Filipino movies ever made. It made me scared of Baguas, Windows, Laundry Areas, Subdivisions in Cainta, even Chunkee Corned Beef cans! For the first time in many years, I slept with the lights on. The movie is now listed under my favorite filipino horror flicks, along with Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara, Multo in the City, Vampira and Shake Rattle and Roll II.

But I'm not going to write a movie review today. much have been said about Feng Shui. Google it and you'll read many writers commenting about its Ringu-esque/Ju-on-ish theme. You 'll even find people who, surprisingly, rave about Kris' acting (well, I've been raving about her performances since Tasya Pantasya and Myrna Diones Story, haha.).

All I can say now is that that image of "Lotus Feet" holding the dead Lotlot just won't go away from my head (Aling Viring's angry face too)! If there's a movie award category for Best Death Scene involving Red Horse Beer, Lotlot's scene would win, hands down.

But I must say that one of the movie's best discoveries is Lotus Feet. At last, Lilia (Shake Rattle and Roll's favorite long-haired woman/aswang) can retire.

Off-topic discovery: I found out last week that Red Bull (which is a Thai product) really works. Hail Thailand!

Off-topic announcement: I'm now a vegetarian. Today's my ninth day. Details here.