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Remembering my "I want my MTV" Days

Right at this very moment, MTV Philippines is playing VHI Hits featuring the videos that were staples on MTV's playlist when I was still in high school and my idea of a good time is watching MTV the whole weekend. (Will Smith's, Hansons' Jewel's, Sugar Ray's, Joan Osbourne's, CHUMBAWAMBA's!!!, etc.). We didn't have cable back then so I had to go to my lolo's house just to watch. (He doesn't like MTV Asia by the way, but he loves MTV India).

I remember those days. I knew the title of every single video on MTV even right before the blue splashy band with the video title appears. Well, maybe except for those videos from Indonesia. Malaysia and Thailand (It was still MTV Southeast Asia that time. Nongkrong di!). I knew every bit of music video trivia from Chito Chat. I watched every MTV awards show and countdown special (that's why I know that the video playing right this very moment - Mariah's "Honey" - is one of the most expensively produced videos of all time (Michael and Janet's "Scream" was the most expensive then). I watched Flipside and Paraboss. I knew who got the moonman for Southeast Asia's Viewers' Choice year after year and I kept track of the Artists of the Month, well, every month.

And on weekdays, I used to watch MTV Select with VJ Sonia or Sarah. Right after that show is Mike and Nadia's MTV Most Wanted (brought to us by Durex Quality Condoms). Haha. I even sent requests thru snail mail - straight to singapore! I requested for Kulay's Burn (one of my favorite local videos) and Alanis' Thank You (not because she's naked). They never got read though.

But you know what I miss the most? The logos.

I really miss the old MTV.


Elvin said...

emcee: alam mo ba ang complete address ng mtv sa robinson road? :-)

neng: verbal analogy --> paraboss: philippines, mtv syok: ? , seratus percen: ?. hehehe.