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The End is Near!

No bright and sunny view for now. It's raining tigers and horses.

I just found out from my friend, RM who is in another continent right now that there was an earthquake here in the Philippines this morning at about 3 am. "Wala ah!," I said. I thought his sources from the Philippines are only making that up. But then the Geisha said she woke up at dawn with her bed shaking (And surprise, she's the only one on the bed). The Hosto Ninja (formerly known as the Japayuki) said the hanging forks and spoons were swinging like crazy (Ok, he really didn't say "like crazy." He just said they were swinging).

And then this morning, I came to the office with the sun shining like a Pinoy that just came from Dubai or a Pinay married to a sultan from Brunei and then the sky suddenly turned real BLACK and it rained real hard. Then the rain stopped and the sky, once again, is clear and bright and after a minute, it rained hard again, prompting us to postpone the Samurai lunch meeting and call World Tops for delivery instead.

And the clearest sign that the world is coming to an end is last night's dream. I dreamt that Tim Yap is my close friend and we were riding on a jeepney because we're teammates and we're competing in a reality show (I just watched Amazing Race in Manila prior to that dream hehe). We were talking in a language that I understood while I was dreaming but sounded French when I was already awake. While I was dreaming, we were actively exchanging thoughts and ideas (I even laughed at his joke) and when I woke up, I realized that I really didn't understand a thing we said.

Let's all go to our underground hiding places.


Issa said...

oo lumindol kaninang umaga! gulat nga ako akala ko may gumigising sakin eh :) btw, twas my first real earthquake! hurray for me!