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Saturday Morning Live

It's 2 a.m. Right now, I've just had a "few drops" of gin and sprite. More sprite than gin of course (It almost tasted like a kiddie drink, or gatorade). Between the two, Sprite tastes better to me. I never liked the taste of any liquor. Not that I've already tasted a lot of them.

We're supposed to go to Puerto Galera today but the weather was really bad and we took it a sign for us not to go anymore. So we're not going there now, at least for this week. But personally, i don't mind going to the beach on a really really rainy day. I think that will even make me happier. I liked that one scene in The Beach (Yes, the dicaprio movie) when it was just raining and two of the characters were just sitting silently on the shore watching the raindrops fall into the sea. I also like the feel of wet sand to the bare feet. Hmmm.

We're probably going somewhere else (most likely another beach) next week. Good. Another week of last minute swimming lessons.

By the way, 5 of the songs i like were included in VH1's list of 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever. But I won't tell what are those five songs. No, Barbie Girl by Aqua isn't one of them. See the list here.

I took a quiz. Pretty accurate. Haha.


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