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Bad Liar (Not a Selena Gomez Song)

I said I am okay
I said I can get over you
I said I’d just go back to who I was before I met you
But it’s so easy to say, so hard to do
How do I find myself when all of me
is aching to find just you
I said I can do it in a week or two
But deep down I know
All the words I said
They’re just not true

I keep lying to myself
Just to keep feelings at bay
But I am such a bad liar
I give myself away
How can I convince anyone
That I can simply carry on
When I do know and it shows
That I’m a bad bad liar

I said I can forget you
I said I’ll be fine on my own
I said I’ll just keep myself busy
And I’m so much better alone
But the truth just can’t be silenced
It won’t let me go on like this
It throbs and longs to burst out of my chest
I said I can just run away
But one can’t outrun the truth
i know all the words I said
Just were not the thoughts I meant

I can’t keep lying to myself
I can’t keep denying
I don’t want to be a bad liar
Who cannot hide what I really want to say
It’s impossible for me to keep lying
To myself and especially to you
I want to say that I still love you
And that’s nothing but the truth