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This website is not for the faint-hearted and the morally uptight. The highlight of this website is the ratings page, where one can post his or her (or somebody else's) picture for the whole world to rate (from 1 to 10, with 1 being K***** and 10 being K****T). Viewers can even post their comments and I must say that the administrators of this website are strong supporters of freedom of speech and expression. Comments are not actually censored or filtered so you can just imagine how free it is in this little territory in cyberspace.

How do you use this site? Well, you can send in your letters to the resident advice columnist or you can even buy some apparel proudly displaying in big bold letters the Filipino's favorite cuss word. You may also get a FREE e-mail account (yourname@putanginamo.com) or better yet, post a picture of someone you really really hate.

Movie - Calapan, Oriental Mindoro Scandal
It's the usual video scandal story. Guy tapes private moments with his consenting girl. Girl cooperates. Then they fight. Vengeance reigns and guy shows copies to his close friends underestimating the speed and capability of technology. With a little help from our neighborhood pirates, the private bedroom action reaches unprecedented popularity due to neatly packaged (complete with labels) copies hitting the Metro Manila sidewalks. With no budget for advertising and marketing, CD sales still manages to surpass sales of tickets to Ayen Laurel's concert.
What sets this scandal apart from other scandals captured on CD, according to my porn critic cousin, is the dialogue. If an official screenplay book is to be released, the book will be filled with words that pertain to the human reproductive organs and the tagalog word for "Delicious." But be warned that it is mostly the guy that does the talking and DVD subtitle writers will have no problem with the girl for they have just to type in moans and groans. But that doesn't mean that she is a bad actress. In fact, I think she did better than the girl on lola panties from the De La Salle Scandal Video.

On the technical side, video quality is good enough but a little problem may be encountered with the audio due to the obvious humming and buzzing of the electric fan. The movie was shot during the day so there's a creative utilization of available light. Props like pillows and blankets also look clean.

Buy or borrow a copy now. You don't wanna miss the part when the girl was dancing to Dido's Thank You and Destiny's Child's Survivor. One of the greatest (and funniest) moments on Philippine Scandal Video history.

Food - Ice Monster's Corn Ice
Just like your favorite Kellogg's breakfast, only colder. Comes with real bits of sweet corn that will make you correctly predict that you'll be seeing yellow floaters in the toilet bowl the next day. Some will say it is too sweet but with the not-so-cool price, you might as well get all the sugar you can get to get your money's worth.


boi_bitch said...

winner ang review ng Mindoro Scandal! laugh trip ito. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! My squeeky clean mind napollute...


Anonymous said...

late comment na... pro ako b porn critic este film critic s mindoro scandal??? hehe... thanks for including me!!!! hehe.

k jay